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My Website is not opening!

Dear Client, please try loading the site after sometime, this can be a temporary internet disruption or delay. If the problem reamins, please email us at

How do I check my email?

Dear Client, all emails of your hosting account are accessible via username and password. Log on to the webmail software of your account and login with the credentials provided to you earlier. For more information , please email us at

How long it takes to register a NEW account?

Dear Customer, It takes atleast 3 hours to completely setup your account.

How can I backup my Account?

Dear Client, You can easily backkup your hosting account via the Backup Wizard in your Hosting Panel. For more information , please email us at

How do I configure my Email?

Dear Client, Configuring your email is very easy. Please watch this explainer video on setting up your email account.

WATCH : Setting up Email for your Hosting Account

My Site Opens very slowly and lags.

Dear Client, Website response is dependant on many factors, the internet speed , the website coding , the computer software(browser). Please check your website at different devices. If the website is responding slow at all mediums, please email us at

How can I change my account password?

Dear Client, to ensure quality services and security for your account. Your password can only be reset / refreshed via formal email at We will email you back the new password and log in details.

How long my account will remain active after subscription expiry?

Dear Client, your account is automatically suspended after its expiry and all website and email services are stopped. You are requested to renew your subscription soon after the expiry, as expired accounts are ultimately deleted and data completely erased from the server.

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